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We are a small group of local residents who are sure that London and area is a very special place and want to do our bit to help it stay that way. Our concerns are conservation, with the environment and planning angles being very important. We support Thames Valley Business and Business Link who help local businesses and entrepreneurs.

But we are not against change though it needs careful watching and preferably managing. Let us know of any community matters which concern you - this website aims to help.

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Our paper newsletter was started in 1997 by James Earl, a shop owner and publican; the incentive then was the arrival of the London Earl Publishing, which many locals felt would greatly change London; this turned out not to be the case, and the publishing company is now a respected partner in London, making progress every year in environmental and community ways.

Scottish Government News

Airport security [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Justice Secretary pleased with progress on Schedule 7 powers at Glasgow Airport.

Apprentices rise to the occasion [Education and Training]

Rural Affairs Secretary welcomes new recruits to the food and drink industry in Forres.

Getting tough on antisocial tenants [Housing]

Housing allocations and tenancy reforms outlined.